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Dumond Chemicals Test Patch Kit

Dumond® Test Patch Kit

  • Catalog Number: 16111650
  • MPN: 115161
  • Hazardous Material
  • Complete Paint Removal Test Patch Kit Choosing the Right Paint Remover for the Job

    Have you ever wondered how to select the right paint remover for a specific renovation or architectural restoration job? This is a question that the people at Dumond® Chemicals get all the time. Every paint stripping project is different, and one will always need to determine the best chemical paint remover for the circumstances at hand.

    Whether you need to remove regular, lead-based, or another other type of paint from wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone, plaster, or plastics, no matter what masonry or architectural restoration project you may have in mind, Dumond® Chemicals has a solution for you. The Complete Paint Removal Test Patch Kit features a wide selection of paint removers, including Peel Away 1, Peel Away 7, Smart Strip, Smart Strip PRO, Dumond's laminated paper, and everything you need to perform a test patch to ensure that you land your next masonry or architectural restoration job. With such a wide selection of versatile paint remover samples, you will be able to find the best paint stripper to meet your needs.

    In fact, the Complete Paint Removal Test Patch Kit includes such a variety of paint removal products that, between all of the product line samples, the kit will have a solution for approximately 90% of paint removal jobs. Detailed instructions are included with each kit, helping you determine the perfect paint remover for your specific project with step-by-step instructions. Furthermore, these are all environmentally friendly and biodegradable paint removers, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that you will get great results while reducing the impact of your work on yourself and the environment.

    The Complete Paint Removal Test Patch Kit includes:

    • Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover: This safe, biodegradable paint stripper works beautifully for a variety of challenging led-based paint removal tasks. It is especially suited for stripping paint from molded, carved, or otherwise intricate surfaces.
    • Peel Away® 7 Solvent-Based Paint Remover: This environmentally safe lead paint removal system is formulated without methylene chloride, caustic, or other highly flammable solvents. It effectively removes high-performance coatings such as urethanes, acrylics, elastomerics, chlorinated rubber, aluminum, mastic, epoxies, and automotive and marine bottom finishes, in addition to most varieties of architectural paints and varnishes.
    • Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover: This water-based paint stripper is 100% biodegradable and has zero VOCs. It is suitable to remove multiple layers of industrial coatings from almost any interior or exterior surface, including metal, concrete, stone, plaster, brick, wood, and most fiberglass and plastics.
    • Smart Strip™ PRO Professional Paint Remover: This non-toxic, environmentally friendly paint stripper allows for safe lead-based paint removal with low VOCs and has biodegradable properties. This provides the superior performance demanded by professionals and removes even some of the most difficult coatings. Plus, the Smart Strip PRO applies easily with a roller, conventional airless spray, or brush.
    • Dumond® Laminated Paper: This is used to cover the applied paint remover for the tougher paint removal jobs, particularly for industrial or lead abatement projects.

    Manufacturer      :      Dumond Chemicals
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    Dumond® Test Patch Kit

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