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Poly-Hangers #2 Hanging Clip

Poly-Hangers™ #2 Reusable Wall Mounted Hanging Clip, Plastic

  • Catalog Number: 56096
  • MPN: #2
  • Hazardous Material
  • Supports one or more layer of poly in front of walls. Hanger 1 slips behind wall molding and is supported by the vertical leg of the molding. Hanger 1 will also support poly in front of masonry or paneling by nailing into a join which can be easily patched after tear down.

    • Work faster – Poly-Hangers attach in a few seconds to building surfaces and then attaching the poly sheeting to the hanger is a simple, speedy task
    • Eliminate damage and clean up costs caused by tape and glue adhesives
    • Prevent breached containments by providing positive support
    • Reuse Poly-Hangers on future jobs
    • Prevents poly from falling down

    Type      :      Reusable, Wall Mounted
    Material      :      Plastic
    Poly-Hangers™ Hanging Clip, Reusable, Wall Mounted, Plastic

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