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ITW Dymon® 42272 Hand Cleaner Towel

Dymon® 42272 Hand Cleaner Towel, 10 Inch L x 12 Inch W, Polypropylene, White/Blue, Citrus, Bucket

  • Catalog Number: 57950
  • MPN: 42272
  • Hazardous Material
  • SCRUBS® hand cleaner towels combine an advanced cleaning formula with a strong, dual-textured towel to thoroughly clean hands and surfaces anywhere, ANYPLACE, ANYTIME!® the clean, citrus scented formula loosens and dissolves industrial soils while leaving hands free from dryness and irritation. The rough Touch® blue towel locks in soil to prevent it from transferring back onto hands and surfaces. Hands are left feeling clean with no sticky residue and no rinsing required.

    • Tough, durable dispenser bucket that is light and portable
    • Pre moistened hand cleaner towels that go where you go
    • Advanced cleaning power
    • For use on hands and surfaces
    • Quickly Removes: dirt, oils, adhesive, lubricants, tar, urethane, epoxy, ink and dye, paint, grease, sealants, caulk

    Size      :      10 Inch Length x 12 Inch Width
    Packing Type      :      Bucket
    Color      :      White/Blue
    Fragrance      :      Citrus
    Material      :      Polypropylene
    Dymon® Hand Cleaner Towel, 10 Inch Length x 12 Inch Width, Bucket Packing, White/Blue, Fragrance: Citrus, Polypropylene

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