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The GAFFGUN™ Bundle

The GAFFGUN™ Bundle, Floor Taping Machine, Long Extension Handle, CableGuide™ - Small, Medium, and Large, FloorGuide™

  • Catalog Number: 1631-2098
  • Hazardous Material

  • Eliminates trip hazards
  • Locking-core tape stays centered and ensure consistently straight lines
  • Eliminates wear-and- tear on the workers knees and back
  • Can be used with audio cables, extension cords, ropes, etc.

Manufacturer      :      GaffGun™
Type      :      Applicator
Color      :      Black
Includes      :      GaffGun™, Long Extension Handle, CableGuide™ Small, Medium, & Large, FloorGuide™
The GAFFGUN™ (patent pending) is the single greatest advancement in floor tape since gaffer's tape was invented. Helping to save over 90% of the time it takes to lay tape over cables or rope, The GaffGun™ simplifies your job while saving time, money, and your back. The cables don't even have to be straight - the GaffGun™ uses a funneling system to straighten and center your cables as the tape lays over them. The patent-pending CoreLok™ was developed to work in unison with the GaffGun™ ensuring a consistent result with every tape run. GaffGun™ CoreLok™ tape is wound on a plastic core that locks onto the GaffGun's hub, keeping the tape centered and allowing use of the GaffGun's' tensioning knob. Every detail was designed to make your most difficult jobs a little easier.

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