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Aramsco offers rentals for Surface Preparation and Restoration professionals. Contact an Aramsco specialist today to learn more about our wide range of high quality, name brand grinders, scrapers, scarifies, dehumidifiers, extractors, air movers flood pumpers and more. Specializing in both Surface Preparation and Restoration Equipment rentals, Aramsco can provide the equipment needed to minimize property damage and increase client satisfaction.

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Surface Preparation Equipment Rentals

Call 888.718.3060 To Rent Today!

Turn to Aramsco for your Surface Preparation equipment rental needs. Choose from a variety of shotblasters, dust collectors, grinders, polishers, scarifiers, scrapers and floor stripping machines. In addition to providing the best equipment for floor grinding, polishing, dust collection and surface removal, the Aramsco team also takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. For more information, call 888.718.3060 to speak with your local Aramsco Surface Prep specialist today or click to download the Surface Prep Rentals Info Sheet.

For additional information regarding Surface Preparation, please visit our Surface Preparation Market page.

Floor scraper rentals.

Restoration Equipment Rentals

Call 866.343.9122 To Rent Today!

Aramsco is proud to offer an extensive selection of dehumidifiers, extractors, air movers (axial and centrifugal), flood pumpers and negative air machines. Take your job to the next level while staying within your budget by renting from Aramsco! Download our info sheet.

If you are interested in Restoration Rentals, register by filling in and faxing back this Aramsco Rentals pre-qualification form, to 866.343.9122. If you do not currently have an Aramsco account, also fill out and return the Aramsco Credit Application.

With locations nationwide, Aramsco can get you the equipment you need on a moment’s notice. Get trailers of portable equipment, trailer mounted desiccants, power distribution, HEPA vacs and more, delivered to your job site. Same-day rentals available*.

For more information, or to start or complete your order, contact the Restoration Rentals specialists at 866.343.9122.

Emergency Response

Because emergencies don’t always happen on a 9 to 5 schedule, Aramsco offers what others don’t: the option to place a live emergency call to a knowledgeable salesperson. Be sure to get pre-qualified for Equipment Rentals before the next emergency, so Aramsco can be there for you.

Whether its damage caused by severe flooding, fire damage or other natural disasters we have the rental equipment to support your job. Choose Aramsco as your source for Emergency Restoration Equipment Rentals, Sales, Service and any consumables for your job. With knowledgeable and supportive sales people, a wide range of products and affordable rental options, Aramsco is the Ultimate One Stop Shop!


*During normal working hours.

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