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Disaster Support - Emergency Information

CA Wildfires

Emergency Contacts (in a life-threating situation)
First, call 911. If you can't get through to 911, contact your local emergency management agency. When you call, provide this information: Your name, number of people hurt/trapped, number of pets, current address, and phone number.

Red Cross Support

The Red Cross is providing shelter, meals and comfort to people impacted by hurricanes. If you need to find a location near you, please visit: or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

Hurricane Support from Aramsco

If you are working to remediate and restore the damage caused by a hurricane, we have stocked up our branches to support you. Important note: If you are traveling into areas affected by the severe weather, listen to local officials, and continue to monitor local radio or TV stations for updated emergency information. Be safe!

Please reach out to any of our branches for supplies and support. Like our Facebook page to see our latest news and updates, and localized emergency contact information. Temporary locations and direct hotlines will get posted here as they become available.

Product Sales and Rentals
Aramsco can be your one-stop shop for supplies needed in the restoration of damaged property resulting from a hurricane or other natural disasters. We can provide you with all the restoration supplies and equipment you need, as well as the personal safety equipment to keep you safe while performing this work. Our Rentals Department can supplement your equipment fleet in the cases of large or emergency jobs.


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